Problem still not being addressed, app continues to be useless

The sound distortion when using the pre queueing and a griffin splitter is still there, there’s been no update and this new type of forum is obviously a way of making issues like this invisible to people looking to buy the app. Obviously the company is here to make money but your app won’t go very far if you have such fundamental flaws in it and don’t make fixing them a priority. Expect more bad publicity coming from myself and a huge number of other people who regard this app as useless until this problem is fixed.

Oliver, I can understand you being frustrated, but making crazy claims about the forum being used to hide problems just undermines your case. I think we, the customers, also have to realise that a company like Algoriddim doesn’t have unlimited resources to address our questions and problems instantly.
I’m sure they’re doing the best they can. No company likes to have unhappy customers.


Great news… thanks!!!

Hi Oliver,

I understand your disappointment but making bold accusations will not help get the problem fixed. No software is bug-free and our development team is doing the best they can to address all issues in a timely fashion.

This distortion problem is not trivial and we needed to make sure that the fix will not “break” the Split-Output feature for the 80-90% of the users who were not affected by this issue.

Our djay for iPad 1.5.1 update, which includes a fix for the distortion problem, has just been approved and is now available in the App Store.



The new version - 1.5.1 - includes a fix for the split output distortion issue.
Please update and let us know if there are still any problems.

By the way, updates for iPhone and Mac are also coming soon.

The app is 100% unusable until this issue is fixed. The switch from a normal forum to this format only serves to hide fundamental problems like this and probably was the reason that the switch happened as other users have pointed out. How other people use the app at all while this issue exists baffles me. Please move this issue to a higher priority and do a better job of addressing concerns over it.

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