Problem when ipad is connected to idj pro

I’ve done so many different things with trying to connect my ipad to my idj pro. When I use the cord idj pro offers and I connect it to my ipad. Nothing works. I have the app poem and still nothing. Is there anyone who could help me. I’ve been going at this for hours!!

Hi Ryan,

Please kindly provide more information so we can better assist you.

  • Which iPad do you have?
  • Which iOS version is installed on it?
  • Which djay version are you using? Please tap the gear icon to determine the exact version number.

7.0? Please make sure to download any available system updates and try again.

After downloading all updates, please connect your iDJ Pro and open the Settings app. Go to “General” > “About” and check whether there’s an entry saying “IDJ PRO”.

Do you have other iOS devices with which you can test the iDJ Pro?

What version ipad, what version iOS, what version Djay.

I have :
-iPad 2
-iOS 7
-Version 2.2.2

I have and ipad 2: Version - 7.0.6
When I do what you say and go to general - settings there is nothing listed.

I know the cord on the idj pro works because it turns on my ipad when its off but it does not charge the iPad

I mean the about part. There is no idj pro listed