Problem with DDJ-1000 jog wheel fine adjust and potential workaround


Great implimintation of the DDJ-1000 with Djay Pro 2 on Mac so far.

However as some are noticing there is a problem with the jog wheel adjustment.

When a track is paused and the jog wheel is moved very slowly the software isn’t picking up the movement.
This makes it extremely difficult for finding sections of a track when marking cue points etc.

I have, however, found a workaround and a potential solution that the developers could implement.

If you take the midi settings for the jog wheel (pitch bend) and apply them to the midi settings for when the “shift” button is held down and the jog wheel is moved, then the fine adjust is detected.

This is ok as a workaround for now, as if I want to set a cue point I can hold down “shift” and move the jog wheel slowly to find the right position with no issues in the software detecting the movement.

As a more permanent solution maybe the developers could find out what bit of code is being generated by holding down “shift” that is different than the standard jog wheel movement and make it the default behaviour for the decks.

I hope this makes sense and is of some help to others annoyed with the lack of precision movement on an otherwise brilliant controller.

The precision isn’t perfect for me when moving the jog wheels very slowly when making fine cue adjustments.
After slowing down the movement it stops making a sound as you get to the very slow movements.

This is regardless of if the pressure is applied to the jog wheel or not.

The workaround of mapping the shift button to the midi functions of the jog wheel does however cure this problem and it’s possible to get the sound response even at the slowest of platter movement.

It would, of course, be great to have the platter function in this way without having to hold down the shift button to get the fine adjustments if it’s possible in a future update.

Hi I have total miss this, is the DDJ-1000 working with Djay PRO now?
Ipad or with macbook or both?

same problem… not capturing the fine adjustments for cue.
also, many of the features of the DDJ 1000 on Rekordbox are not available on DJay Pro. I like to use DJay Pro, but seems Rekordbox is a far better option for the DDJ 1000. I just don’t know what to do regarding Spotify integration for the mobile gigs i do.

Any idea when an improved version of Djay Pro will be released? To properly support the DDJ1000? Or will you just lose all the customers to Rekordbox?

@algoriddim: pls work on it. Thank you so much. :* It would be so nice and helpful.

With the latest update Djay Pro v 2.0.5 it works with MAC.

So is the lack of waveforms in the jog wheel displays really the only thing not working properly with Djay Pro now?

I have the same problem with the cdj’s 2000 in hid mode…

Ok I read it better and this is not my problem…because when I have a paused track sometimes the jog start moving alone…sometimes forward sometimes backwards…that’s is a anoying cause for example u cue a song and pause it then the jog start moving if not notice u hit the cue button and mark a cue in another place o the song…this happens to me many times…

Hi all,

I initially thought I was facing the same issue but it was because I didn’t press on the jog wheels. They are not capacitive jog wheels but touch sensitive. For me the precision is perfect.

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There are other things which don’t work for example the mixer filters only works on the master out, not individual channels. I have posted more details in another thread please check.

Have you checked that your unit is working properly? Or used another laptop to check you didn’t have any other issue ?

I made more tests today with my iPad and my windows laptop (surface pro 6) and the platter precision is perfect for me. I can move very precisely to any point in the track and I hear the sound corresponding to my movements.



Actually the best test would be to test in Rekordbox on exactly the same configuration.