Problem with Djay Pro 1.0.12 crashing

Hi guys!

I have encoutered the same problem. I was on a gig on friday and my Djay 2 app kept crashing at least once an hour as I was playing on Spofity side. I was running on iPad2 (9.35) and Numark iDJ Pro.

So, yesterday I took to my mission to find a cure for this. And be hold! I found it.

I used older Mac Book Pro with iTunes 10 to download older version of the Djay 2 app. Version 2.8.8 to be precise.

How did I do it? I’m ok with computers, but def. not a nerd who knows about code. So I did some googling and found this video, wich explains how to download older version of app through iTunes:…

Then I took that donloaded file to my current Mac Book Pro, installed free Apple Configurator 2 software to my computer, and used it to install the older version on Djay 2 app to my iPad.

That iPad has now been running songs from Spotify staright 18 hrs without any problems or errors.

Hope this helps and saves someones day, gig or even life :slight_smile:

Oh, and for copyright reasons I don’t think I can put that older version to be downloaded.
But I think that Algoriddim should act quickly to either provide new version which fix this problem or put that older working version somewhere to be downloaded with note how to get that file replace the current faulty one.

I have been testing my Ipad 2 out running the new version of Djay 2 and everything is fine until I try to load songs from Spotify or do any heavy mixing. Have you been mixing while you were testing or just letting it go on auto mix?


Just wanted to add my experience.

I also had the app crashing on me constantly, both the Djay 2 and the Djay pro on both my Ipad 2 and Ipad Retina. With the last build of Djay Pro (updated June 20th, 2018) everything seems to be working fine on both my old Ipads using Spotify. Testing it as we speak and it doesn’t seem to freeze anymore and thus crash.

I do have to say that I did panic and buy an iPad 2018 (which doesn’t fit my idj pro) since I have an important gig tomorrow. I still use the old Ipad 2 because I can close the Idj pro and it looks cleaner for official occasions. (because of the 30 pin connector)

I have to retract my previous comment. I did indeed test it on automix and it seems to work fine, but it has since been crashing consistently again. It has failed multiple times during every session I had these last two months. I do about 3 sessions every week, so that is 12 times already.

Last Friday was the most stressed I have ever been during a gig since it was a wedding and I was the only DJ. Through a backup, I was able to salvage the gig by going back and forth but I shouldn’t constantly be worried about technical difficulties. It takes a whole lot away from my interaction with the crowd. It happened again last night. After it happened I saw an update, I updated and still it happened again. (ipad 2018) Luckily I was not DJ-ing alone, so he could pick up for me.

I have been a happy and loyal customer for 5 years and own multiple versions on Ipad, Iphone and PC, but after this I am quite done. I don’t know what is going on lately, but multiple versions being unstable is really unacceptable people at algoriddim. Already researching the competitors.

Having the exact same problems and has been like this last 4 weeks I have been working. Absolutely endless randomly cuts out was about once and hour came in with the new update and its cut out twice in 25 minutes. Have had to resort to using Spotify for my shift tonight to save stress. Have used setup for over 3 years without a single glitch and these last 4 weeks have been endless. Either sort or out or give us back the old software that was problem free.

I am having this issue - But not on my ipad I run it on my HP computer - Three times tonight and thats not ok, Once during an event last weekend - I can not keep having this happen.

This needs to be fixed. I use both Spotify pro and Itunes along with purchased music I cant have it freeze and shut down on Downloaded or Wifi music