Problem with Djay Pro 1.0.12 crashing

Problem with Djay Pro 1.0.12 crashing on an iPad Gen2 iOS 9.3.5. It’s only just started in the last couple of days. I run it through the Numark idjpro and Spotify Premimum. Works for ten, 15 minutes then crashes, sometime randomly, other times when press the song selection button.

PS I’ve reinstalled everything - Djay Pro and Spotify. I’m running a test right now to see stability of App without it being inside the Numark

Yep still crashes without it being in the Numark - arrrgghhhh !

I have another iPad Gen2 iOS 9.3.5 and this one is running Djay 2 2.8.14 and last night I tested it both connected to the Numark idjpro and unconnected. Both worked absolutely fine for several hours without crashes. So pretty sure this is not a controller / controller connnection / Spotify problem.

Which is good as I’m supplying equipment and DJing at a street party this weekend.

However, I’m a little ticked off, as I spent £20 on the Djay Pro - which is supposedly their premium product and it is now unusable due to crashes. It worked well for 6 months. Also disappointed that Algoriddim staff haven’t commented on my and the many others above problems.

I’m sure the company knows there has been an problem with a recent update for the iPad versions - and I’m sure they are working on it. But wouldn’t it be super easy to roll back an update - come clean and explain on their website there was an issue and then email everyone that has been having problems.

That way they hold on to existing customers and avoid a social media meltdown as more and more people report problems and they lose new customers as well.

If you haven’t already log a support message -

i still haven’t heard anything from the company. But my old set up iPad Gen2 iOS 9.3.5 and this one is running Djay 2 2.8.14 worked for 8 hours yesterday at our neighbourhood street party via Spotify.

The DJay Pro is still constantly crashing !!!

I have locking problems and black screen after the last update of June 12 in 3 hours using I had 03 crashes, need a quick fix, my setup is ipad mini + ddj 4.

the solution was to make dowgrade to version 2.8.8 be the last more stable of the application, I am happy to have backups of my ipad on macbook. Waiting for a real algoriddim solution, new updates are bothering the app, be great for small shows.

version 2.8.8 - made via backup of the macbook of jan 2018, do you have any backup in itunes? check your backups prior to May 30, 2018.

I did a test of 02 hours of show ok, another test at 04hs in automix mode dropped the application, DDJ Wego4 + Ipad Mini. Be careful if you spend 2 hours of show.

I’m having the same crashing issue with both Djay 2 and Djay pro on my iPad using the Numark iDJ Pro.

I’ve re-installed both programs and they continue to crash.

iPad with version 9.3.5 operating system
59.3GB of available storage

Thank you!




That is actually a good solution, but unfortunately, I don’t have any recent backups, which I should’ve had. On PC or Mac I might have had the opportunity to re-install an old version, but as it is now I can’t roll back.

After talking to other DJ’s I figured out that it is definitely the Spotify that causes the app to crash. One of the DJ’s has 0 problems and does not use Spotify at all. That is at least my conclusion after talking to all the people I know that use Djay pro and iPad and a controller.

yep; also crashes for ipad running ios software 10.3

For me, Djay2 crashes with Numark Idjay pro now, consistently. I’ve tried many solutions, power off, restart, connection cables, but Day 2 still crashes on Idjay pro. Maybe it’s just ran it’s course on that hardware. But Algorithm needs to come up with more alternative devices to use with its software, and for those folks like myself who enjoy using the software on an iPad Pro.

Anyone know how to fix a problem…my djay2 will not work with Spotify at the moment. It keeps on saying there is a problem when trying to log into Spotify 404 error???
I’ve ran this for the last 4 years with not on bit of trouble!

I’m doing a GIG tomorrow and I’m not very happy! :frowning:

Djay 2 works with iTunes through my Numark but when I click on Spotify to get all my songs on my lists to play it asks me to login to Spotify but it shows a 404 error?
I’m now F%*#n raging! A whole day wasted…

I think I’ll be singing tomorrow night!

I am having the same issue. Random crashes with DjPro on iOs 9.3.5 – This issue is happening on my iPad mini with 9.3.5 and my iPad 2nd Generation. SO Frustrating. Is rendering the software useless. I have been using in the same application for 3 years without issue and now this!!

Me too. Exact same problem across THREE different iPads. I also use the Numark but like you said this is NOT a Numark issue. I actually restored the iPad via a complete factory reset (ERASED EVERYTHING and started from scratch.) This did NOT SOLVE the issue. Still randomly crashes.

I upgraded to the latest version which was supposed to fix the issue but still experience random crashes while using Spotify tracks and iOs 9.3.5 With Djay Pro and Djay 2 on the Numark Console.

It crashes while on automix with Spotify tracks. No mixing required for crash.

I have no issues using only the Spotify app. It does not crash. Will play for days. Djpro lucky if I can get 40 minutes.

anyone have access to copy of version 1.0.11?

I’m desperate! Last night I had to DJay from my smartphone aux jack using Spotify app because DJay Pro keeps freezing and not loading Spotify tracks. I spend the entire day yesterday preloading ALL the tracks through the app and still the would load.

PLEASE we need to be able to use the old version! Were is the support? I have sent 2 emails and no response.