Problem with Djay Pro 2 and Bluetooth Headphone

I recently buyed a bluetooth Headphone JBL T450BT to use with Djay Pro 2, while mixing only with the software (no hardware connected).
The issue is that when i connect the headphone to my laptop, the CPU usage climbs to 110 to 130% and Temperature to 98° Celcius, even if the software is idle (the CPU usage is about 15 to 20% and temperature about 55 to 60° in normal usage).
I’m using Djay Pro 2 (2.09) on a macBook Pro 15" mid 2014, Intel Core i7 with 16 Go of RAM.
When i use an USB speaker this issue doesn’t occure.
Have you any idea or solution for this problem?
Thanks in advance.
The Smix

Hi there,

we are very sorry to hear that.

Was the normal CPU usage and temperature (“15 to 20% and temperature about 55 to 60° in normal usage”) measured while your Bluetooth Headphones were connected to your Mac?

Any idea please ?

Yes and with no issues with other apps like browser, iTunes, Vlc…
Another thing maybe useful to know: when i quit and relaunch Djay Pro with the Bluetooth connected, the problem don’t occur.
Thanks for your help Lukas, because it’s very annoying to have to restart Djay Pro each time the Headphone is connected or reconnected after launching the software.


Just to throw a spanner into the whole BT-headset-for-mixing. Apart from the increased load on the PC/MAC/IPAD etc, you’re also quite likely to suffer a delay between software and headphones. Just something to keep in mind when you start wondering why all your beat-grids seem to be off :slight_smile: