Problem with Griffin iMic on DJay2 on Ipad

I recently tried to use my Griffin iMic to split my audio for pre-quing on DJAY 2 on my ipad but it would not split the audio (it always use to) has there been a change in functionality using the griffin iMic ?

No, the Griffin iMic still works fine with djay 2. Most likely, your Griffin iMic is defect…

I have checked my griffin iMic by just using it as an output and it passes audio fine… It’s only when I set Djay to split audio that I only get pre-hear through my headphones and no output from my griffin iMic ?

I have just seen this thread……

It would seem I’m not the only one encountering this problem - do I take it that the griffin Imic is no longer compatible with DJay ? Or is there work afoot to fix the problem.