Problem with purchased tracks in Beatport and …

Hi, I have a issue with purchased tracks in Beatport they’re not full version it’s like just preview tracks when I loaded in the deck and also have issue with second deck not loading??? Still after restarting the program as you see from screenshot.
I work on iPad Pro M1 iOS 16.5 last DJAY Pro version

Tha some things even after last update on djay pro 4.1.10

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@Digital_Jedi couple of questions first:

  1. Do you have a Beatport Link streaming service subscription plan?
  2. Have you downloaded the tracks from Beatport onto a computer and transferred them to your iPad via iTunes/Music?

I could be wrong, but I believe for the full tracks to be playable from this area one of the above must apply. I have a Beatport Link Pro subscription so I can’t really test to confirm.

I have downloaded and uploaded this is the only way for me to play songs from beatport I’ve purchased. But this is ridiculous one time I pay for song second time I’ve pay for subscription plan and I’ve pay already for Djay app for a year. So I have to play a few gigs to pay for all this ****


  1. If all of these Beatport tracks are downloaded and properly transferred to your iPad using iTunes/Music, you should be able to access and play them through the Music source instead of the Beatport source.
  2. There should be no need for a Beatport Link subscription in this case.
  3. However, if you insist on trying to access these from the Beatport Source and the Purchased Tracks playlist, I believe you need a Link subscription.

Again… I could be wrong.

Beatport requires a subscription plan to stream purchased tracks (I see you have Beatport streaming selected in the screen captures).

If you do not have a subscription to Beatport Streaming;

You need to download the tracks to your computer. Then you must add the tunes to playlists in iTunes. Finally, transfer the tracks to your iPad/iPhone.

Yes I do exactly the same.

Well that is very strange. Have you tried logging out of Beatport within djay then logging back in?

I’ve noticed that Beatport has been having issues with their servers lately so perhaps a login refresh will do the trick.

No I didn’t. This can be from app also.