Problem with Recording

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Your question:

I’m trying to mix and record and I already purchased the songs that I want to record but I keep getting this pop up message, what should I do?

This message should only appear if you have used a track from a streaming service. Where did you buy your music? And have you really saved them locally on your computer or are they perhaps streamed directly from the provider?

Hi @Jotbondoc,

  1. Where did you purchase these songs from?
  2. I’m guessing perhaps you are using Apple Music Streaming in additional to songs purchased from Apple Music/iTunes.
  3. Please note, the songs purchased from iTunes need to be played from the Local Music source in djay, not the Apple Music source.
  4. If you have accidentally added songs to a My Collection playlist from Apple Music Streaming, please delete these songs from the playlist and re-add them from Local Music.