Problem with Sync using Djay Pro for iPad (Video Included)

Perfect sync does not work on all songs on the Djay Pro app. These songs can perfect sync fine in the Djay 2 app, so it is not the songs issue. I have taken a video here:…


iPad Air 2 128GB (with 49.6GB available free space)

Djay 2 v 2.8.1

Djay Pro v 1.0.1


Watch Me (Whip, Nae Nae) (X-Mix Version) on Chartbusters 119

Trap Queen (X-Mix Urban Version) on Urban & Club 197

Other songs didn’t work as well while others did.

All my songs are run through Platinum Notes

Great video Jarod.

Sad that they missed that. Huge feature to miss.

Jarod, it’s sad that the response from them came 22 days after you posted the video. Other software support addresses the issue within hours, not weeks!

Let’s see how long it takes them to respond now that they have the files… if they EVER do.

Didn’t matter which way the wave forms were, it didn’t work on those and several other songs either way, but speaking of waveforms, it is weird that the nudge plus and minus button only shows up when you have 4 decks active.

Thanks for the info, I did not realize they were there, guess I was used to DJay2, now we just need them to look at the issues with random tracks

I just sent them, both songs zipped together, if that doesn’t work, let me know and I will send you a Dropbox link to them.

Magic moments is on a war path and bashes a lot of topics in this forum showing his frustration. He is acting like a kid who did not get his lollipop. Maeby its best to ignore him until he feels a bit better.

Hi Jerod, Is there a difference between the vertical and horizontal waveform view?

Ok, I see.
In two decks mode, there are the nudge buttons just above the play buttons.

I’m also having sync problems with Djay Pro on an iPad Air 2.
When I hit the sync button it looks and sounds like the tracks are constantly drifting in a poor attempt to stay in sync.
On sparse drum loops it’s less noticeable but on any track with chords, sythn or piano the constant drifting sounds awful.
On some tracks the sync button only remains on for 10 seconds before turning off…it’s as if it gives up because it’s finding it too difficult to keep synchronised.
I’ve also experienced the drifting on Djay2 but it is a little more stable than Djay Pro.

Don’t hold your breath Brian…I’ve been waiting over a year!!!

Good luck with getting a reply from Algoriddim…they don’t really care too much about support.
I’ve actually given up on them.

Hi Jerod,

thank you very much for reporting this bug.

Would it be possible for you to send me over these two tracks, so I would try to reproduce this issue at our office ?

You also can send me the songs via mail (

Thanks fo your help.

Not entirely true Magic Moments. Have you been across to the Traktor DJ forum? No moderator and certainly no employee has been there for nearly 15 months. The app hasn’t been updated for 15 months either. Which is why I sold my NI gear, ditched Traktor and have bought a Beatpad 2 and now use Djay 2 and Djay pro as my software of choice. Its not perfect but tell me what DJ software is? At least there are employee support here, over at NI there is just “moderator” support and that’s gone at the moment.

I have the same drifting issue when syncing on DJay Pro 1.4.2 running on a Macbook Air. Sounds awful… Hope they fix it within the next update…

I have the same problem with Djay Pro on an iPad Pro 2 (2017). The deck that is syncing sounds like it’s an old LP or something, it’s pitch is going up and down very noticeably. This is really unacceptable