problem with the browser knob

ddj wego 3 works perfectly on my nexus 7, though the only thing that doest work is the browser knob. it doesn’t do anything instead i have to choose songs on my nexus u itself. can u fix this or tell how to do that? anyone

As we’ve discussed via Email: The Browser Knob isn’t supported by djay 2 for Android, yet. This is a known issue. Our team is already looking into this…

Has there been any update to this? Just got my wego3.

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Please reference the new conversation here: Browser knob not working

i can’t use my browser when I’m using djay pro … … i can’t search for songs … … can someone plz help me find the solution … …

Hello, Support!

I have a Reloop Mixon 4 Controller and I’m using DJ Pro for Windows and I’m having Freezing problems when I browse my Spotify Playlist.

It works fine when I browse the tracks but when I browse the Playlist, it will start to lag and then eventually it will freeze the app.

Hardware and things I have done to troubleshoot:

DJ Pro Version - 1.0.27467.0
Windows 10 Version

* Lenovo ThinkPad P51 Special Edition
* Windows 10 Pro
* i7 Processor
* 32GB Ram - Memory Usage is 20%
* 500GB SSD - Available Space 450GB

Performed the following:
* Updated Windows OS
* Rebooted System
* Updated the controllers’ Firmware
* Enabled Exclusive Mode on App
* Reloaded Playlist on App
* Rebooted Controller
* Opened DJ Pro and waited till it fully loaded then Turned on the controller.

Everything works perfect but the moment I try to Browse My Playlist using the Controllers Browsing Knob It starts to lag and then eventually Freezes the app.

I can replicate the problem over and over. Please help!