problem with the new built in MIDI mapping of the numark PARTY MIX

Hi, i recently found out that there’s a problem with the midi mapping of the numark party mix on djay 2 for mac or djay pro for windows.
the pad mode for both decks are selected from the pad mode selector of the deck 1 only, which means that the pad mode of deck 1 and deck 2 will always be the same.
for example, if i want to have cue mode on deck 1 and and loop mode on deck 2, it won’t be possible.
actually, the pad mode selector of the deck 2 doesn’t do anything.

Hi Abdelkarim,

thank you for your post. 
Can you contact us via and send us an exemplary video of the explained issue?
That would help us a lot.

The mapping feature for the pads via the “Pad Mode” button works for track 1, but not for track 2 so you are stuck in the default pad mode for track 2.