Problème connexion Buddy iPhone

Hello, I have a connection problem between the Buddy controller DJ and my iPhone 13pro max. I haven’t found a solution for 3 weeks. When I plug my iPhone into the Buddy it doesn’t recognize it in the edjay application. I tried the “midi scope” application so it doesn’t recognize the controller. What should I do? Thank you for helping me

Hi @Yanes,

Thanks for posting your question! Could you please answer the following questions below?

  1. Are you using the edjing DJ app or our djay for iOS app?
  2. Were you ever able to connect the Buddy to your iPhone?
  3. Does the buddy work as intended with other devices (mac, windows, android, other iPhones)?
  4. Is the Buddy set to iOS mode or PC mode?

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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