problems after iOS 7 / vjay 1.4 update: video pauses when opening library, unwanted iCloud videos

Since updating to iOS 7, vjay 1.4 has had the following problems on both iPad 2 and iPad 3:

  1. iCloud purchases are showing in the vjay video library, even though they are not downloaded onto the iPad, and the option to show iCloud purchases movies and songs is turned off in Settings > iTunes & App Store. After hiding all of the purchases in iTunes, they disappear from the iPad 3 (and also my Apple TV, unfortunately) but remain visible on the iPad 2. Selecting videos for a performance in the middle of dozens of iCloud movie and tv purchases is very inconvenient.

  2. After tapping the video library button, in either the left or right bank, the video currently playing pauses momentarily. This happens every time the video library is accessed, making the performance seem choppy.

Basically, vjay was a killer app on iOS 6. Since updating to iOS 7 and vjay 1.4, the app is essentially unusable for live performance.

On the subject of “Hide Tracks In The Cloud”, any progress made on that front?

One possible quick “fix”/workaround to throw in - can you add a “playlists” tab to the file picker? Right now, it’s Featured/Videos/Camera Roll/Music/iTunes Store - if you could either add (or replace “Featured” with) a Playlists tab, we could create a playlist specifically of tracks that we want as our clip library.)

Please keep us informed of the progress on this front!

Any chance of getting Hide Tracks in the Cloud on vjay by tomorrow for my Christmas party?

Hi Phil,

The original post, as you can see, is about vjay. And before you go all out on your conspiracy theory, please check if you have the latest version of djay 1 (1.6.6). We recently released an update to enhance compatibility of djay 1 with iOS 7.

Hi Ryan,

(2) We’re currently looking into this issue.

(1) By the way, it’s an iOS 7 “feature” that all your iTunes Store purchases are now being shown. The setting you’re referring to only applies to the built-in Apple apps and not for vjay.
djay already has an option to “Hide Tracks in the Cloud”. I guess the same is now necessary for vjay as well. I already notified our developers about this issue.

Hi Noah,

We’re aware of this request and we’re looking into it.

Similar points. After upgrade the discs no longer spin. Cue points are missing. Loops not working, waveform time bar doesn’t move.

Very sad - I loved this app.

Conspiracy theorists unite… djay2 now available???