Problems after Problems: Version, Multiple interfaces, crashes...

I bought this software for Windows when it was released. It had several serious problems and wasn’t stable enough to use in any real DJ situation. A week ago I noticed that Algoriddim has made an update (released May 5 2018 ver. 1.0.26742.0). Here are the problems I discovered:

  1. 1.0.27427.0. That is the version of my software. Not a single release note of this anywhere. What’s different with this and your latest official release note?

  2. Now you support multiple interfaces and channels? Quess that won’t apply to the decks of the software? I tried to midi-control decks 1 & 2 with two Pioneer CDJ-900s. I can configure the midi settings myself for CDJ-900 but the software doesn’t recognize second CDJ for deck 2. I know this is software issue, because I can control deck 1 with both CDJs simultaneously if configured that way. However after configuring midi notes to deck 2 and selecting audio settings right for decks 1 & 2, deck 2 doesn’t respond with player 2 (second CDJ). Deck 1 works only. The software still finds both players and separates them as different usb-devices.

Should I be able to control both decks with two CDJs?

  1. I still find this stupid crash after many months since release of the software: sometimes when you scroll your playlist in song selection menu in software, the scroll locks and goes to the bottom of the list. Only solution to recover is restarting the software. This has been reported here many times.

This software has potential but looking at this forum, nothing is happening to fix these problems :(.