Problems browsing playlists from controller


I recently bought a Pioneer DDJ-SB2 to use with Djay Pro for Windows 10. Haven’t tried everything out yet but so far I’m very pleased.

However i have a slight problem when browsing from the controller. Pushing the knob switches between playlists, songs, cue etc correctly but i’m not able to scroll between playlists. It works one time when i start up the software but after that it jumps to songs and continue to scroll there whenever i try to scroll through playlists.

Haven’t done any changes with the mapping, just plug-and-play. I don’t know if this is the right forum but it feels more like an error than bad handling on my part. Any suggestions on what i can do? Grateful for any help!

Yes, Im getting the same issue!

On macbook pro, Djay pro 2, ddj-sb3.

Haven’t found a fix yet. It seems that after some update I can scroll through playlists after selecting one manually on my laptop but I still have to to it every time i want to switch playlists and it would be nice to be able to play completely without accessing the keyboard.

Is there any update on this? Still it doesn’t work correctly…

Try MIDI Configuration

Press the Folder knob and set

Control___________ Target____________ Action

(mine is Note G2)___ Music Library______Switch Back

Now press the Folder knob to get back to the Folder List.
turn the Folder knob to select a new folder
press Track knob to get back to the songs