Problems displaying both players in portrait orientation

Hey everyone. I’m new to djay and iPads in General so I might sound stupid asking this but here it goes. I cannot get djay into twin waveform in portrait mode. I use an IDJPRO and an ipad3. I’ve watched the videos, and it will only go to single player in portrait. Sorry for such a simple question. Just frustrated. I have reinstalled it but only displays a single player in turntable or waveform…any help would be appreciated…

I don’t know how to get twin decks Idj pro when docked in my my numark idj.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for contacting us.

Do you have the iPhone or iPad version? Is the djay app icon black or white?

Oh I see what you mean now, sorry for the misunderstanding.

Yes, the dual turntable portrait mode is only available in combination with the iDJ Pro. Otherwise, the portrait mode is just the single deck mode.

Ipad , black…well update…reset iPad and re_installed djay…problem persists… moved on to docking and power up procedure of the idjpro…after 4 attempts the nu mark logo finally appeared and the problem disappeared. It still doesn’t do twin wave in portrait when undocked, but that isn’t the most efficient use of the program… a menu radio button system in the settings to set preferred layout and sizes would be nice…even if it were a simple config file would be a step in the right direction…but its working…so I’ve got that going for me…thanks for the response…

Clean the pins on the deck. Check the pins on the iPad. Don’t even bother if you don’t see the Newmark logo. The dual vertical display is only available when connected to the deck…good luck and know that once you get it to sync the problem doesn’t rear its head to often if it does restart and power down the board restart iPad connect it power up board start program check for logo… wash rinse repeat… good luck

I have the same problem. Soon as I open your App in Idj Pro it switches to portrait mode single deck. There are times when it will display twin deck and twin wave forms but I can’t find a sequence to repeat the outcome. I want twin deck view… Always! It shouldn’t be this hard for a simple view option. The disappoint with both products grows daily! :frowning: