Problems getting Automix to work effectively

I’m trying to work out how to get the settings right on Automix and I’m struggling.

I’m looking to see how it operates with house music but there’s only the ability to set it so there’s just 32 beats of mixing which is far to too short and the mixing then doesn’t end up starting until the song being mixed out of is nearly over, which in house music means just a limit amount if final beats so the mixing wouldn’t be reasonable enough to use the feature for house music.

I’ve tried playing around with the time in seconds option but this just seems to result in the track starting in a random place based on the number of seconds before the end so that doesn’t work and the automatic option gave my about 10 seconds so that doesn’t work either.

You would have thought the obvious would be to have a setting that allowed for a mix duration of 32, 64, 96, and 128 beats which would be all the expected durations of a reasonable mix out and mix in to house music.

Am I missing something or is this just one of the current limitations with Automix?

An additional question to the above, I see the settings for start/end for pre defined cue points, is it possible to apply cue points for Automix as I haven’t found that feature yet?

Do these cue points get remembered for any tracks that sit in your folder library? I’m adding mp3 files the the saved liberty on my iPhone abd adding folders so that’s where they are being stored in the Djay app , if I add cue points but then tracks are removed from the deck are they remembered?

Hi @MattWilkie,

Thanks for your questions about Automix. I’ll be happy to help.

Currently Automix allows a maximum manual mix duration of 32 bars or 32 seconds. You can set that in the Automix Duration settings here:

Just to give some background music theory behind this, 4 beats are in a bar typically, which means setting it at 32 bars would be equal to 128 beats. This means that you could potentially set it at the durations you’ve mentioned, where 32 beats = 8 bars, 64 beats = 16 bars, 96 beats = 24 bars, 128 beats = 32 bars.

You also mentioned the track seems to start in a random place at times, and it may seem random if you have the Automix Start / End settings set to Automatic. To avoid this, you can set the start point and end point of the songs manually in seconds, as shown here:

Regarding your questions about cue points, if you have the “Use start / end cue points if set” option toggled on in Automix’s Start / End settings, as shown here:

Then Automix will use any start and end points you’ve set on your songs. While it’s not possible to set cue points in djay while in Automix mode, you can easily switch over to 2-deck mode to set the cue points on your tracks, as shown here:

Any cue points you set for your tracks in djay are saved in djay’s library file and will be remembered in djay across launches of the app.

I hope this information is helpful for you. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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If I made add,
This window has your start/end cue points.

I am from Chicago (birthplace of house)and have been involved with mixing since 1982.
Rule of thumb…
Set start 32beats prior to start of SINGING part.
Then End at the beginning of your BREAK.
Example; if your song has a 128 beat intro,
Go to the end of the intro, and use #4 in the photo.
Set your Start cue there.

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Thanks so much for all this helpful advise and screenshots, sorry for the late reply got a bit tied up but back now to start getting into this app :slight_smile:


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