Problems last update with denon mc4000

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  • Device model: iPad Pro 12,9 256 gb 3 generation
  • Version of operating system: iOS 15.6.1
  • Version of djay: last version
  • Hardware/controllers used: denon mc4000

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Hi, after the last update when connecting the denon mc4000. They don’t work when i want to equivalían the music with the controller. The neural ia is activated and the treble, mid and bass functions do not work. I need help to solve that problem in my setup. I have been user of this app since its beginning. I wait for a solution. Thank you.

Hi¡ I need help, problems last update with denon mc4000

Hi @Djpasku, thanks for sharing the details about your setup. Simply select the onscreen drop down menu between the EQs and switch from Neural EQ to EQ.

Thank you slak_jaw, the problem is out. Congrats

You’re welcome @Djpasku. Thanks for confirming.

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