Problems using iPhone as remote control

Hi all. I’m trying to remotely control Dejay via my iphone. I have Dejay running on my MacBook Air and is ready to look for devices. Both Macbook and Iphone are both on the same network. I’ve even tried setting up a local network. When I load the App on the iphone I was under the impression the Mac version would ‘see’ or detect the iphone remote. Can anyone help please? The help section says I have to select my mac when the app loads but i don’t get a window asking me this.

Hi Jason,

(1) Make sure that djay for Mac is launched and running BEFORE you start djay Remote. If necessary, force-quit the djay Remote app on your iPhone first:…

(2) Launch djay for Mac and then launch djay Remote.

Please see my official reply above and follow the steps (quit djay Remote > start djay for Mac > start djay Remote).

Please see my official reply above and follow the steps (quit djay Remote > start djay for Mac > start djay Remote).

Have you tried creating a local wireless network just between your Mac and your iPhone?

Warren, is there an update in the works for DJ remote? I love using the app, but it is not updated for iphone 5 screen size and IOS 6.

Warren, come back!! Or you could hire me… Would like to see IOS 6 support for DJ remote please!!

Thanks for your suggestion. I forced quit the DJ app and made sure DJ for Mac was running first but it still doesn’t find or look for the remote app it seems despite being on the same network.


I just purchased the DJay Remote App for my iPhone 4. I am using DJay 3.14 with the Vestax Spin 1.

The app does not recognize my Macbook Pro. I followed the above steps as well as steps on the web-site trying to create a network using my mac.

The app did work with a wireless connection.

Please advise if there is a fix on the way for creating a network or if there is something else that can be done

I love, love Djay and hope this issue can get resolved quickly.

Lori B

My ipod and iphone both were able to connect to djay using the remote djay program one day, but the next day they couldn’t and now both of them are unable to find my macbook, can’t figure out why, any help would be great.


I just bought Djay remote and can’t find my MBP - djay is working actually!!

I did it already and doesn’t work anyway.

Any update to this?

Mine doesn’t work either

The official reply doesn’t work for me. Any other ideas?

Yes. And I know the Mac can talk to the iPhone because I can ping it’s IP.