Problems with automix

Not only did Djay Pro crash (program closes itself) in different events that I played, now it seems like the automix is not working. I had some guests visiting and wanted to try out the automix option.

Auto-sync BPM is OFF, but the tracks that are randomly playing from the playlist (shuffle is also off btw), are still syncing bpm. Ive tried all of the options both on and off, and it seems like the program just dont care and want everything to be ON even when they visually are OFF.

I really want the program to work because it is such an invention with the Spotify integration! If I had a serato-compatible controller, I would change immediately to use Serato+Tidal. 

Is djay pro 2 on mac more stable or is algoriddim incapable of making a trustworthy dj-program?

Djay pro on Mac is stable and much better than the established softwares out there I use all the time no problems at all it even works with new IOS upgrade while others do not