Problems with DDJ-SX3

Thanks for this mapping. Issues that I had:

  1. When exiting out of automix the audio is lost or rerouted to some other output. The levels still show up on the track playing and output main meters but no sound.
  2. Pre cue headphone feed is lost when going into automix and stays lost even when exiting.
  3. When using automix and selecting a catalog to run from, if you go to another catalog to select one song, that catalog is then automatically set as the one to choose from. This was not the case for previous versions of djay pro.

Hey guys, as any resolution on the automix line issue on vdj running of the sx3?


Hi Michael,

thank you for your feedback.

Could you record an exemplary video showing the three points?
That would help us a lot in order to understand the issues.

Has their been a resolution to this topic yet?

I have the same problem


What does not work for me is the crossfader. I sent an email a couple of days ago and I have not had an answer.

It’s weird, because the Crossfade is activated from the controller, but it does not work.