Problems with djay pro 2 reading APFS partitions - OSStatus error -54

Is anyone else having a problem with djay pro 2 reading from a APFS partition?

I just got a new 2017 MacBook Pro and I transferred all my files over to this new machine. I have a portion with all my music but by default, the OS formats all flash based storage drives as an APFS (Apple Protocol File System). I believe this is causing significant problems with djay pro 2 reading the music files from that partition. Getting an error saying, “Could not load track. The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -54.)”
Has anyone else encountered the error? Could an update from Algoriddim for the app help with this problem?

Hello dj
If you have itunes on your new mac do this…
Go to prefences and select XML file share check that box or what ever it ask like this all music in your mac will be found you must have itunes installed to use dj pro for mac or if you don’t then your music won’t work try this let me know if. It worked for you…
Good luck dj…

Hey. Just checked to see if this was selected and it has been all the time.

I got it working eventually. Two things I did:
reformatted the partition to Mac OS journaled, and I dumped the “media.Library” file. the combination of the two seemed to get it to work. Algoriddim will have to somehow issue an update to get it to work with APFS formatted drives.

Thanks for the response and trying to help tho.