Problems with Djay pro on Windows 11

Good morning, yesterday there was an important event suddenly the Djy Pro application cuts the audio and also cuts the connection with the Pioneer DDJ-200 USB controller table.

I restart the application and disconnect the USB controller and nothing. Simply THIS CANNOT BE, I HAVE PAID FOR THE APPLICATION…

I was expecting a Professional application but a children’s version has appeared to me, as a test…


I want a solution or a refund since I bought it through the Microsoft Store.

You can put in a refund request under order history. As long as the app is uninstalled, most refunds get auto approved.

The windows version of DJay still does need tones of work, but functions well if you have an iOS device.

OK, okay, I’ll do it.

But please remove the misleading advertising that this application is number one on Windows, because it really isn’t, and that can lead to mistakes and is false information.

When they really get it and improve your application to mix music in a professional way, then I will try your application and I am sure I will come back.

Regards, and keep working to improve this application that has potential.