Problems with latest update with Numark IDJ PRO verified bye NUMARK Technicians

Have been using your app since it came out. Recently purchased the Numark IDJ PRO. There is a big issue when using effects such as SWAY and ECHO. The sounds drops out upon hitting the effect and drops back after the effect is released. It is even more amplified when using it with the IDJ PRO. I contacted NUMARK directly and their techs personally tested this and found it to be correct, it is seriously altering the sound by dropping out. The worst is echo and sway. They advised to contact you directly as they were as we’ll. I am hoping this can be fixed soon as it is drastically effecting performance especially with high quali speakers in a club setting. Please UPDATE SOON!

Hi Joe,

Thanks for reporting this. Which djay and iOS version do you have?

I have a similar problem when the effects are engaged my output level drops not a huge amount and I usually keep a bit of extra head room on the fader knob to compensate. More of a minor annoyance more than anything else. Great unit though. Is there some sort of midi message I can use to adjust the levels or wet / dry mix?

Running Ipad 2 32gb with ios 6.0.1

Latest version of Djay.

With the latest update 1.6.3 i can see an improvement, especially gate and bit crusher are now very good! Echo is a little strange with the new Stereo Output and seems week and short in time. But it shouldnt be overused anyways i guess.

Echo seems to be the worst. Especially when using the effects knob on the iDJ Pro its self. Not a huge deal but definitely annoying. kinda kills the vibe to the song when that happens though.