Problems with manual looping and same song playing on both decks

Dear Algoriddim team,

i have encountered several problems with my DJ Pro. The main problem being that manual loop effect does not act as MANUAL loop, as it keeps starting and ending the loop not from the point of order, but few beats before or after. This problem is one of the main problems, when mixing tracks. Another problem is that when you load the same song to two decks, the manual looping effect works only on one deck and if you push the sync button, the looping effect is abolished on this track.

I really hope that you have enough time to solve these matters.

Dear Lukas,

thank you for the explanation. However, the manual loop function does not start and stop loop in a destined spot even, when the song is not playing (in stop function). Therefore, I consider it an error in DJ Pro program. Secondly, while the quantisation might make looping sometimes easier, it definitely makes it much often frustrating as I cannot make the loops on the run as necessary and how it is usually done. I really cannot understand the need for quantisation as most of the MIDI controllers have both auto (i.e 2 beats, 4 beats and etc) and manual loop. When manual loop works with quantisation, it basically acts as auto loop, which means in another words that there is no manual loop function. Is it possible to turn the quantisation off?


Hi Holger Tilk,

djay Pro is working with quantisation if the deck is playing, that means if the track is running and you use the Manual IN and OUT looping function both start and end point will be on the beat.

If you stop the track you can start and end the loop in between the beat grid.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Holger,

thank you for your follow up.
You are right, djay is still aligning to the on beats, so setting a loop in completely free is to possible.
I forwarded your post internally as an user request for an ON/OFF quantise mode setting.

Lukas E.

This is still not fixed 2 years later, manual looping is the absolute basic prerequisite functionality for any DJ.
Will you guys update this?