Problems with Pre-cueing on Mac using Focusrite 2i4

Hi, I’m running my speakers through the 1-2 balanced output on my Focusrite Audio Interface. On Djay I then select 1-2 as my main output and 3-4 as headphone/pre-cue.

When I then go to pre-cue something in my headphones I get just the pre-cue audio however the speakers play both the main output and the headphone output together. Why would the speakers play 1-2 and 3-4 at the same time? Any idea how I can fix the problem? Is it a matter of switching to the unbalanced output on the Focusrite?

Hi Stephen,

How are your speakers connected to the sound card? Can you perhaps upload a picture? Also, does the Focusrite come with a configuration software?

Oh OK. From what I understand, the balanced outputs are both stereo, which means that:

Unbalanced Line Output 1-2 = Balanced 1
Unbalanced Line Output 3-4 = Balanced 2

This would explain why you also hear the pre-cueing output, which is assigned to ch 3-4.

The headphones aren’t plugged in in that shot plus the headphone source is usually switched to 3-4 (in that photo it’s 1-2)