problems with the browse button on the ion DJ2GO

after using for a moment the browse button attachment ion idj2go the application hangs and does not allow the songs to load the dishes include the damage by the use of the enter and back buttons please help

Hi Pablo,

Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, I don’t fully understand the situation.

Do you mean that the browse button is broken?

Hmm. If possible, can you please make a video recording demonstrating the problem? Thanks, that would be very helpful!

Thanks for the early response.

My situation is this, I have the accessory ion idj2go, after using the app for a moment with the browse button, enter and back of accersorio ion idj2pro in the selection of music by artist the application blocks the accessory, only part of song selection.

Ie after a moment of select songs by artist search method the application does not allow me to select by artist or even manuamente not let me continue to review by artist, try several times to ipad loading my music again but the error persists.

Thank you very much for the concern, the application is impressive.