1. I just spent 20 minutes getting dJay Pro setup the way I wanted it… closed the program and NOTHING was saved.

If you set the screen up a certain way, it should stay that way. If I want the effects area to stay open on each deck, it should remember that. If I want the default loop to be 4 and not 2 (which makes no sense), it should remember that. (see picture)

  1. Searching is STILL terrible. If I search for a song called “The Doctor” and type “doctor” into the search, it will NEVER find that song because I did not type in “the”. Search needs to work!

  2. How do I keep the waveform display on? Do I have to select this every time I start the program?

  3. No cue button? How do I get the track to go back to the beginning? Do I have to reload the track? There should be a “cue” button to go to the first cue point or to the beginning.

  4. ADD A BITRATE COLUMN. We always want to use the highest bitrate tracks but have no clue which one has the highest bitrate because that is not displayed. This is standard on ALL dj programs.

  5. I have the Denon DN-MC6000 controller 100% mapped. But all of your suggestions to turn the LED lights on have failed. Please fix this or let me know how to turn the lights on within the controller. I will GLADLY share this mapping but only when it works with the LED’s.

Wow, I’m really sorry. I have an RSS feed which is supposed to notify me of all newly created posts and replies but this is the first time I received an info regarding this post.

1 & 3. Not all settings, especially in the UI get saved when quitting the app. But I do see your point and will pass this on as a feature request.

  1. Does this also happen with the previous version? If you still have the previous version installed, please try it.

  2. All cue points jump to the beginning of the song if the cue point is not yet set. But you’re right, there’s no “CUE” button per se. This is only available through MIDI controllers.

  3. I’ll pass this on as well.

  4. If it doesn’t work when you enable “MIDI Out” in the mapping window, then this means that it cannot be mapped through the mapping feature. This would then have to be done “in code” if and when we add native support for the Denon MC6000.

  5. Also a good point. Do you mind posting your ideas as separate threads here? Thanks!

Again, really sorry for the late reply.

Another problem:

  1. Search font size does not match the other font size. In addition, we should be able to see the columns that we want to see and not EVERY column. If we don’t need the “time” column, we should be able to remove it. And, once we remove the column from the search result area, it should stay that way.

Yes Bill… Keylock, Instant History tracking stinks as well.

Agree 100%. Updates always take too long but I am trying to be more patient.

FIVE DAYS… and no response.



Agreed. However, I want people who are new to see how long it takes for things to be addressed. Warren has a post that says that they address problems within 24-48 hours… trying to give everyone a reality check here.


Keylock is another one that I’d prefer to not have to set every time I open the program. That bites me almost every time.

You jogged my memory with #4, too. At the end of the song I would much prefer that the song NOT go back to the beginning. If the song ends just stay there, like it does in some other programs. Otherwise I’ve gotten confused - did I play that song already or is it cued up to play next? I know it sounds stupid, but in the real world it can happen.

Also, while we’re at it, songs are marked as played the instant they’re loaded. Even if I change my mind and don’t play it. Again, real world situation - load a song, change my mind and replace it before playing it, then I have to remember that while it’s marked as played I didn’t actually play it yet. Songs shouldn’t be marked as played until they’re actually, you know, played.

Djay is a great start but it really feels like it was designed by people who don’t actually DJ in the real world. I know everyone has their own style but there’s too much here that just seems odd when you go to actually use it.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, right? Given the history of this company I think it is what it is… Take it or leave it… I got my refund from Apple and will reconsider purchasing if they ever fix all the issues and offer better customer service. In the meantime, back to Traktor…

I think the only option left is to vote with our dollars. Apple will refund you if you make a case. Clearly Algoriddim is not really paying attention to us here.

We monitor this forum more than they do…