Program crashed my last 3 gigs

Last 3 gigs and just now as I’m practicing. The program just closes down with no warning . I.m using m2 iPad Pro . This last upgrade is horribly not stable of enough for me to use professionally!

@Five-0 sorry to hear about the crashes, especially at a gig. I’ve been there and know how much that sucks. If you’d like some help troubleshooting your issue, it would be great if you could provide more information:

  1. Which version of djay (“last upgrade” could leave room for misunderstanding)?
  2. Are you using a controller? If so which one and which firmware?
  3. How exactly are you connecting to the controller (ex. USB-C to C cable, Apple Camera Kit, etc.)?
  4. Are your iPad and controller connect to power and charging?
  5. Are you using streaming services? If so which one and what audio quality setting?
  6. Are you doing anything specific when the crashes occur (Neural Mix, 4 decks playing, Automix)?
  7. Any other applications running in the background while using djay?
  8. Bluetooth on, wifi on?

The more details you can provide, the more likely someone here might be able to help.

4.1.9. Thats the only thing that has changed in my set up.

Well then, the only potential solution I can offer you, given this limited data, is to roll back to a previous iOS backup prior to the djay 4.1.9 update if you have one.

I realize this may not be helpful now, but this is my recommended procedure to protect yourself from update bugs in the future:

Why don’t y’all let us put our specs in our bio so we don’t have to go thru this every time we have a problem? I just want the software to work. I’m not on your experimental team I pay a monthly fee. You can look up my specs from my last complaint. I’m not rolling back nothing on my system. Why don’t you roll back the fees I’ve been paying you!

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In all fairness, Slak Jaw is just a member/poster and a very helpful one at that, If you want help, yes ideally the Algoriddim staff should chime in and help you, but since Slak Jaw was the only one to reply, maybe cut him a bit of slack (pardon the pun)


Hi @Five-0,

We’re incredibly sorry to hear that these crashes have been reoccurring during your live sets.

In better news, the newest version of djay for iOS has just been released (v4.1.10) - as shown in our newest changelog found here.

We’d really appreciate it if you’d be able to update djay on your device and test to see whether or not these crashes are continuing to occur. If this continues to happen, then we will share next steps to retrieve one or more crash reports from your djay app.

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

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I’ve used 4.1.10 my last 2 gigs. The only issue is sync randomly activated on song load a couple of times. No crashes.