Program reloop mixtour map

i have just bought a reloop mixtour and i use it with fun with djay pro with my ipad 3.
i have a question, i would like to improve the mapping of mixtour, i would like to have the possibility to change the time of the songs without using ipad, for example pressing in combination shift and the left or right knob of effect, and i would like too for example with another combiantion to have the possibility to accelerate or decrese the songs so i can make in time the song that “enter”…
i dont like to push always “sinc” or use ipad, i would like to use more the reloop…

is it possible to improve midi map?? and if it is…how can i do?? i have a pc, i suppose that i have to use pc with reloop, but witch program can i use??

thx to all

KentaDj from Italy

Are there any plans to make the iOS version midi mappable in the future ?

Hi there,

unfortunately changing the iOS mappings is not possible.
Can you tell us the exact combinations you want to use and the command you want to perform?

Lukas E.

Hi Sergio,

thank you for your detailed explanations. The issue here is that Reloop designed the Mixtour to be handy and compact with all necessary features in order to be a complete setup with the interface of the iPad.

Changing the mapping could irritate other users and cause confusion.

I am sorry to tell you but so far remapping the Mixtour is only possible with the djay Pro Mac version.

Lukas E.

Hi Sergio Anastasio,

changing midi mapping files is only possible with djay Pro for the Mac. Also the Mac and iOS mapping are different files, so changing the Mac mapping won’t affect the iOS mapping.

Lukas E.

Hi Lukas

thx a lot for answer, so, as i have told u, i would like to improve the use of mixtour, instead of using more ipad, the problem that i have not now possibility to change the time of the songs, and i have to do with ipad, so i thought, for esemple, moving the left or right knobs of the effect, pressing the shift key, to change time, and after changing time, when i start the second song i would like to have possibility to fast o slow it to put them in batting, for example pressing shif and one of the two small know of cue, or the knobs of equalizetor, the low for exemple, left or right depends of the situation.

i hope u have understood my bad english

best regards

ok Lukas thx, only a last thing, i have not understood, can i try the same to change map with a mac on djpro program or the eventually change will work only when i will use a mac with djay pro mac version and not with my ipad woth djay pro app for ios… this thing is not clear for me…
sorry for eventually my mistake.

best regards

ok now its really clear

thx a lot Lukas

Best Regards

how can i make mapping so i can adjust my bpm and fast forward to the song so i do not slap use my mouse on computer