proper controller for Djay pro?

Are there any plans for a proper controller for Djay pro?
Even though you mention the support for more than 50 controllers, lets face it - vestax doesn’t exist anymore, Hercules is more toys and the support for listed Numark, Reloop and Pioneer controllers are all beginner/low-budget ranges…

I’m sorry, we generally don’t talk about future plans.
However, we keep on supporting new devices. It may be interesting for you, that we natively support CDJs / XDJs, since the latest update.

Great idea! Also, there have been several customers asking for this. We’ll think about it…

I vote for the ReLoop Terminal Mix 4. A little hard to find though. Its Djay Pro, Virtual DJ, Serato DJ & Traktor compatible. In my opinion, it is the all around best controller to enter digital DJing with. From it, you can graduate to any larger pro DJ controller, utilizing any worthy DJ software on the market. Go get it!…

I’m asking the same question.

Are there any ‘Pro’ Controllers integrated or being so, as Vestax, the one here that was interesting, is done by the look of it, and perhaps didn’t work well anyway.

Or has anyone mapped a pro controller easily (I’m a digital novice) without issues they can recommend.

I’m only interesting in using the Spotify integration / library on a new macbook pro 2.9 GHz 500GB SSD. I’m looking for the best controller possible in terms of build and audio quality, though I’m coming from 20 years playing vinyl (and almost 10 years not djing) so gimmick features not so necessary.

Thanks for your help.