Proper Quantization/Snap

I’ll explain again, I’m a long time traktor user, been pro dj for years etc. I want to see Dj Pro AI become something I can use full time at gigs, so the suggestions I will make will be in that vein. DJ Pro Ai already has many positive developments that I love.

That said, there is a problem with Cue point etc. Quantization I think needs to be addressed. Mainly with a “snap”. Here’s why: A lot of DJ’s like myself, like to hit a cue button with a fader open. Right now, if the Quantization is on 1 beat, if you miss(say distracted or one to many drinks in the booth…LOL) , you can wind up on the wrong beat. If you reduce the quantization to 1/2, 1/4 or 1/8th. You need to be dead on and if not, it jumps to the nearest beat after starting, meaning this audio skips. Obviously this doesn’t work for “fader open” starts or cue juggles etc.
Really needs to be without the skipping.

If a video is needed to show what it’s doing, please let me know

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