Proprietary Hardware Controller for Djay?


Brand new user here. Not sure if this topic has been raised before but I’d like to put it up for a Vote?

I feel that this software, while not perfect yet, has so much potential.
I haven’t tried any Reloop controller yet, but as far as I can tell, there is nothing out there that can fully unlock in a hardware way the features of this software?

That’s why I believe the way forward is for Algoriddim to work on creating a proprietary controller, made just for it, and future proofed.

Partner with Apple or Reloop. Create 2 or 3 versions for beginners, intermediate and advanced DJs, and make it hardware unlocking for the software (with a 2-4 year time limit). Or longer or unlimited for the “Pro” version of the hardware.

I would buy this tomorrow if it came out.
Let me know your thoughts?

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As I understand it then, you’re not prepared to pay for DJay, but you are prepared to pay for a controller that gives you free access to DJay?

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Look no further than the Reloop Mixon Pro 8, the integration with Djay on iPad is excellent.


I would throw the Rane One in there as well,
Plenty of options on the controller to personally midi map it to your liking


Hey Ratty73,
Was considering it…I use Djay on a MacBook Pro and would like to see something that integrates the Neural Mix track separation features (including cross-fader possibilities), directly from the controller. Might not be a realistic ask?!

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I heard great things about this controller.
If you could, please check my response to Ratty73 and let me know if you think the Rane could do the job?

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@djantona I recommend you take some time to learn how to create your own custom MIDI Mappings. Then you can essentially remap existing hardware to suit your particular style of DJing or needs. It’s actually not as challenging as it sounds. We offer a brief guide to MIDI Mapping on macOS here:

As an example, here is my personal MIDI Mapping for the Reloop Mixon 8 Pro:

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@djantona I’ve also created one for the Reloop Ready that offers a lot of power in a very small form factor:

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As SlakJaw wrote, the key to having the best setup is to midi mapp it to your personal liking…
I have heavily midi mapped my Rane One which includescue pads being used to isolate Vocals, Harmony and drums,
Using an un mapped button to switch between normal Eq and Neural mix,
I went as far as mapping various dials and pads to turn the controller into a 4 channel controller (albeit it’s a bit muscle memory intensive)
There are only2 or 3 button/dials that cant be mapped, but it’s not a game changer for me

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I still use my trusty little WeGO4 for my hobbyist needs.

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Yep I agree, I’ve mapped out Mixon 8 even though it was pretty decently mapped anyway. Even the first Traktor s4 which was spot on for Traktor still needed individualised tweaked mapping to make it your own. I know what the op is saying though as an algorithm hardware controller will have the pads geared for djay only rather than doubled up with serato.


i’ve got a mixon 4 and it’s amazing, had a beatpad before that and again, just works seamlessly. So easy to remap features with midi anyway…

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This is true. I had the beatpad 2 and although I loved it, beatpad 1 was defo better with effect controls.

Thanks to all of you for posting feedback here; you’ve got a great community!
And big thanks to Slak_Jaw for all he does and for sharing the mapping.
I just dove in the other night with a bit of internet research and yeah, it’s incredibly intuitive and easy. I quickly mapped an old controller to the Looper and Sample bank.

Reloop is doing a great job, as is Algoriddim to ensure the software maps to as many controllers as possible. Third party controllers are great but will they ever be able to fully exploit the potential of this software? :

-the labelling of the functionality is not one to one or proprietary?
-the software is so new and so deep?
-the software is so feature rich, it might not be possible for one hardware controller to map it all out? In which case, I would suggest there be some ‘modular’ units released ‘per functionality’ as add ons?

What I would love to see is one to one buttons and knobs with clear labelling for:

a) The Neural Mix stems crossfader functionality, along with fx on the individual stems.
b) Full hands on control of the looper and sample packs.

In other words, the controller should mirror the design of the Djay Pro in a fairly precise way, to eliminate guessing.

Yes, there’s muscle memory. I just want something that’s the Algoriddim equivalent to the FLX10!

Perhaps I’m just clinging to a dying DJ paradigm, and the iPad with its touch screen control is the way forward (would it be possible to use one in conjunction with a laptop?).

I realize that Algoriddim is a relatively small company. But since it’s fully developed for the laptop, and the majority of DJs use that (for now) with a controller, there’s a good use case for making this happen. Especially if the software takes off the way I think it might!

That brings me to other requests (one of which may be divisive to long time users):

  1. Is there any chance of developing an Asymmetrical design “option” for the software? Or that ship has sailed?
  2. Is adding FX to the Looper and Sample Pack section in the pipeline?
  3. I am missing the little yellow crossfade icon on the Neural Stems crossfader? Any idea why and how I can activate it?

Thanks for helping me get to grips with this incredibly inspiring tool that is literally brand new to me,


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You’re welcome @djantona. I recommend you check out TouchOSC. You can basically use it to create any MIDI control touch surface you like. I’ve used it to create an iPad wireless controller for djay Pro running on a Mac. I’ve done a similar iPhone wireless controller to control djay on iPad.

  1. iPad Remote for djay on Mac
  2. iPhone Remote for djay on iPad
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@djantona, as for your other suggestions/questions, please do a quick search of this forum to see if there are existing topics for these already. If not, please create individual topics for each one so we can keep the discussion organized and more easily tracked. Thanks!

Thanks again Slak_Jaw.
The iPad as an extra controller might be the way forward for me.
Will search for the other topics and post separate threads as needed.
Much appreciated!

You’re welcome @djantona. Happy to help.
I think one of the big challenges with manufacturing a single piece of hardware that perfectly matches another piece of software, is that software changes often happen much faster than hardware changes. So it’s pretty challenging for the hardware to always keep pace with new software features.

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