iPad Remote for djay on Mac

V2 UPDATE, August 27, 2023: Added Looper, Sampler and Library tabs to top section.

I scaled up my iPhone wireless remote and created an iPad version to control djay Pro AI on Mac. Again this uses TouchOSC, but uses TouchOSC Bridge instead of midimittr to transmit wireless MIDI messages.

  1. Please refer to the TouchOSC manual for detailed instructions on how to setup and use it: Introduction · TouchOSC | hexler.net
  2. In particular, read the section on setting up TouchOSC Bridge: Connections · TouchOSC | hexler.net
  3. Download and save the .djayMidiMapping file below to your Mac in the Music>djay>MIDI Mappings folder.
  4. Download and save the .tosc file below to your iPad in the On My iPad>TouchOSC folder.
  5. I created the GUI using the built-in TouchOSC Editor. Obviously, there are some limitations graphic-wise with this editor, but I did my best to mimic the layout and colours of djay Pro AI on iPad.
  6. For Version 1, I have deliberately left the top section of the GUI blank. I’m hoping to add tabs for the Looper and Sampler in Version 2.
  7. This requires the new iOS version of TouchOSC which costs $11.99 (not the TouchOSC Mk1 app). Note: I’m not affiliated with TouchOSC and don’t make money if you buy this app. However, I can say it’s well worth the money if you’re interested creating your own custom control surfaces.
  8. DISCLAIMER: While I spent many hours creating the GUI and MIDI Mapping, I have not had time to extensively test things. So, use at your own risk. I provide no guarantees and accept no responsibility. I made this for my own personal use, but wanted to share it here for free.

TouchOSC File: Dropbox - Slak-iPad-djay-V2.tosc - Simplify your life

MIDI Mapping File:
Slak’s iPad djay Remote-V2.djayMidiMapping (79.9 KB)

TOUCHOSC SETUP PROCEDURE: Here’s the basic setup for TouchOSC. Please refer to the TouchOSC manual for detailed instructions on how to setup and use it though: Introduction · TouchOSC | hexler.net

  1. Purchasing the app on either iPad or iPhone gives you access to it on both devices assuming you are using the same AppleID.
  2. Using the iOS Files App, download and move the .tosc file to: On My iPad>TouchOSC (the screen shots below are for iPhone, but things are very similar on iPad)

DJAY PRO AI SETUP PROCEDURE: Here’s the setup procedure for loading the MIDI Mapping into djay on Mac.

  1. Download and move the .djayMidiMapping file to the Music>djay>MIDI Mappings folder on your Mac
  2. Launch the TouchOSC Bridge application on Mac and ensure both the Mac and iPad are connected to the same wireless network. Refer to the TouchOSC Manual for more details on installing and setting up this app: Connections · TouchOSC | hexler.net
  3. Launch ToucOSC on iPad and setup the Bridge wireless Connection 1.

  4. Load the .tosc file.

  5. Press the Play button to exit the Edit Mode and enter the MIDI Mode
  6. Open djay Pro AI on Mac and navigate to MIDI>Configure TouchOSC Bridge…
  7. In the MIDI Configuration drop down menu, select the Slak’s iPad djay Remote-V1 file that you downloaded above.
  8. Test the touch screen controls on iPad to ensure they are sending wireless MIDI signals to djay Pro AI on Mac. If not, refer to the TouchOSC Manual again for details about setting up the wireless Bridge connection.

Hi Slak_Jaw, this would definitely simplify my life . Are there instructions on how to set this up. Will it work on my iPhone controlling my MacBook Pro while it’s hooked up to my controller? Will I be able to adjust volume and change tracks?



  1. The setup instructions are linked above. Plus YouTube has lots of TouchOSC how-to videos.
  2. This is for iPad controlling Mac, but with a bit of work, you should be able to modify the TouchOSC layout and MIDI Mapping for iPhone.
  3. You can adjust the level of Deck 1 and Deck 2, but there are no controls for Master or Booth Volume.
  4. There are no controls for loading tracks or navigating the music Library. The reason for this, is because you cannot view the djay Library on the actual TouchOSC remote. So, to me it didn’t make sense to have these controls. I encourage you to watch some TouchOSC how-to videos so you can learn to adapt this to your specific needs, workflow and DJing style. The possibilities for creating custom MIDI control surfaces with TouchOSC are endless.

I will read and watch on Youtube. This is all new and I know if I get it to work will be a massive help for what I do.

I saw your guide in your previous link and was able to setup TouchOSC on the iPhone. I also loaded “Slak-ipad-djay-V1”

Do I need to add this file [Slak’s iPad djay Remote-V1.djayMidiMapping]
to my Macbook pro?

@dj_Yardy I just edited the instructions, please see steps 3 and 4 above.

Perfect got it working

Thank you Thank you

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This is massive.
I do a lot of Automix at my bar and lots of time the next track volume goes up way too high or too low,
leaving me running back to my DJ booth to adjust volume

Thanks to YOU, I mean BIG thanks to you I can simple pull out my phone :smiley:
I can even adjust Stems, loops, change tracks, INSANE,.

Thank you

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@dj_Yardy you’re welcome! Glad you were able to get it working.

@dj_Yardy to avoid these volume jumps from song to song, go to Settings>Sound and turn ON Auto Gain. The screenshot below is on iOS, but the menus are similar on MacOS.

I’d LOVE to understand better how the Auto Gain works. I tried it in earlier Android versions and it wasn’t that great.
It would be wonderful if we could set the “0dB” level to -18dBFS, for instance, so that we have 12dB of headroom before hitting the limiter (if we have that engaged) or 18dB before clipping the output.
so much recorded music today pursues being loud that it eats up every last bit of headroom in the system that people’s ears are seriously fatigued if not frying.

V2 UPDATE: I added tabs to the top section for the Looper, Sampler and Library controls. Revised files added to the first post at the top.

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I think the problem is my only controller (DDJ-SZ) going bad

But the auto gain doesn’t fix the problem.
This happens on some tracks on my playlist
This volume just goes up for no good reason. Im actually in the market for a new controller

Currently Mixon 8 seem to be my only option.
I see you have some interesting post about it
I’m tempted but I would rather the RANE 4 or FLX10

What are your thoughts?

The possibility for this apps seems endless
Now I’m thinking about adding an iPad to my current setup for the bigger screen.

Would it be possible to run this on both iPhone and iPad to remote controller the one MACBOOK :thinking:

@dj_Yardy I have a Reloop Mixon 8 Pro. Personally, I think it’s one of the best options for djay right now. Algoriddim is very slow at providing official support for new controllers, so I would not recommend buying anything that is not currently supported like the RANE Four or Pioneer FLX10.

@dj_Yardy yes, you could run TouchOSC on an iPad and an iPhone at the same time to control djay on a MacBook.

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Sadly I think you are right
I’m ordering the MIXON 8 this week
I’m very interested in trying out your “Ultimate Stems Mapping”

A Big Thank you advance :pray:

Algorithms should add you to their payroll :grinning:

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Has anyone tried if this works with v5.0+ yet?

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It works for me although I just set it up and I’m doing it on a small android tablet to iPad so I haven’t figured out how to get the android to send out midi wirelessly.