Protect active deck - not working when Automix is On (macOS, iOS)

When Automix is On in macOS, “Protect Active Deck” does not work, it lets you immediately load a new song onto the Active Deck.

Thanks for reporting this, @Michael_Wisniewski. You’re correct that at the moment, the Protect Active Deck option is disabled when Automix is on.

However, I’ve passed along your report to our Development Team for future consideration. Perhaps our team can add in the option to choose if this is disabled or not when using Automix. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

I’ll update this thread with any new developments.

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IOS 4.0.11. (I assume Mac OS too as per above)

This is not a feature request.
It is a Bug and should be corrected.
There is absolutely no reason to allow a track to replace a playing track on the active deck when the option “protect active deck” is enabled.
This has caused me to apologize on the mic a few times and only when auto mix is turned on and I quickly need to change the next track.

Just for clarity and to explain why this feature is important in automix other than just selecting the wrong deck by simple mistake.
When auto mix is running and you are using a controller the crossfader on the Djay screen goes back and forth with the track changes but obviously the cross fader on the controller stays in the same position. So sometimes when you need a quick change you see the controller crossfader position and assume in your mind that’s the active deck when in fact it’s the opposite one, and “protect active deck” solves that problem.

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Hi there.
Yesterday, I re-installed the older Djay PRO & also Djay 2 on my IPad.
I set Automix running on both and then tried to add tracks directly to the active deck that was playing, while the option “protect active deck” was enabled. Both Djay Pro and Djay2 correctly popped up with the Deck protected message.
Just need to FIX this for Djay Pro AI please :innocent:

PS. If I remember correctly. Back in Djay 1 there was an option to add track to inactive deck which meant you never needed to select which deck you wanted the track to go to. This would be a nice option for the two deck classic and pro setting.

Hi @SteNight,

I’ll be taking over this thread for my colleague!

I want to thank you for sharing the additional information as well as the screenshots! This is very useful when presenting these things to the developers!

I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on any updates in regard to this matter as they come in, and we thank you in advance for your understanding!

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