Public Roadmap request


A public roadmap (without the secret stuff) would be nice.

Example: LoopedIn | Page Not Found


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I feel like there have been no real additions since September. Like features or real improvements for which users are desperately waiting for. Only bugfixes and some mappings… Countless topics promised to be worked on and the release notes are just sad to look at when you think about what people are asking for here.

To me it’s very disappointing. Waiting weeks and months for nothing noticeable again and again. There are so many urgent topics.

Im still hoping for a decent major update soon. But so far Algoriddim just doesn’t really seem to want to communicate what’s going to come…

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Totally agree with you on this,
There have been countless requests for improvements with various issues and nothing ever gets implemented, even simple requests like Key Lock Off on default which have even asked for multiple times over the years and nothing gets done about it…

We just keep getting the usual “Bug Fixes” updates but the bugs are still there…

Come on Algoriddim, please help us out…

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My experience so far is that the djay roadmap is as much of a secret as the Apple roadmap, minus leaks. Personally, I find this reasonable: stuff isn’t finished until it’s finished and then we get to experience it right away.

On the flipside, this makes it easier to take djay the way it is - if a feature doesn’t exist that I need or a bug prevents me from using it correctly, I know I shouldn’t wait for the next update to magically fix it or everything. I will have to either learn to live with it or turn somewhere else (fortunately, competition is healthy in terms of DJ software).

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Hi All,

I just wanted to jump in here and say thanks a lot for continuing to share your feedback, suggestions, experiences, and bug reports. Our team really does appreciate you taking the time to do so. :pray:

Your request for a public roadmap is an interesting suggestion, and we appreciate it! Our team is listening and takes all feedback seriously.

That said, I’d also just like to point out that as I’m sure you all understand, our team works hard to bring our app users the features and tools you guys want and need to successfully and creatively mix and DJ. In doing so, we strive to balance a lot of different priorities, including technical considerations, UI design, user requests/wishes, and the business as a whole. We’re doing our best to continue our mission of building creative DJ tools that people love to use, enabling artists to push their creative limits, and inspiring the next generation of DJs. And your continued feedback and support helps us to do this!

So again, thank you for your continued support, and please continue to share feedback/request/suggestions any time. And, while I can’t say too much yet, we have been hard at work on a major update coming in the near future that will address MANY of the Community’s requests, so please: stay tuned!! :headphones:


Ah. Look what the competition is doing… :wink:

Although I have to say Djay is ahead of the game in many cases, I especially like their second priority on the current map. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Flexible Beat grids is something I’m definitely looking forward to happening hopefully one day real soon…

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Couldn’t edit the OP, but apparently the link changed:

So I am guessing this major update was just for Apple. Looking at the Apple update notes vs Windows is wild. Can you provide any kind of information on a substantive Windows update?

Hi @MeisterMind,

That’s right, the major update you’re asking about was for iOS and macOS.

Regarding djay Pro for Windows, I’m unfortunately not able to talk about any specific timelines when it comes to future updates. That said, I’ll be happy to keep this thread updated with any news as it becomes available!

Thanks in advance for your understanding and if you have any further questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know. :notes: