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Your question:

I encountered an issue during the purchase process.

After downloading and installing the application from the Microsoft Store, I proceeded to initiate the purchase. Upon entering my bank card details and completing the purchase, I received confirmation through my banking application that the transaction was successful. However, I did not receive any confirmation within the Microsoft Store interface, nor did I receive any email confirmation regarding the purchase. I attempted this process several times with no success.

Could you please advise if there is an alternative method to complete the purchase successfully? Additionally, I would appreciate any guidance or support you could offer to resolve this issue promptly.

Hi @djdanielpetric, please close djay and reboot your laptop. Then refer to the linked FAQ article. If this doesn’t solve your issue, please let me know. Thanks!

Please also try logging out of the Microsoft Store then logging back in.

“I’ve followed all the steps as instructed. I go through the payment process again, confirm the payment, and it states in euros. The transaction goes through and prompts me to check my Microsoft store for the purchase. Yet, when I check, there’s nothing in my inbox indicating that I’ve made a purchase. I really don’t know what’s going on.”

“The program shows a window for confirming the online payment, and I can only cancel it. When I exit that window, it returns to the beginning.”

Hi @djdanielpetric, are you able to confirm through your bank that the transaction has processed successfully? If not, please contact your bank to see what the issue might be. I also recommend that you contact Microsoft support to see if it’s an issue on their end: Contact Us - Microsoft Support.

Hi again @djdanielpetric,

  1. Please check http://account.microsoft.com/ (make sure you log in with the same account as the one you’re logged in with in the Store app), as it should show your subscription there. Here’s the direct link to the “services & subscriptions” section on the account page: https://account.microsoft.com/services
  2. From your description, it’s not fully clear whether the purchase was successful in djay Pro. Is the app unlocked after the purchase, or are you getting an error maybe? Please share screenshots of any error messages you receive. Thanks!

Upon completing the transaction, I received a notification stating that the purchase confirmation had been sent to Microsoft, and I was advised to check my inventory of purchased applications on the Microsoft Store. However, upon checking, I couldn’t find any record of the purchased item. Despite my attempts to troubleshoot by adjusting settings and exploring various tabs to locate the transaction details, I have been unable to find any trace of the transaction on my Microsoft account.

I have already reached out to Microsoft Support and followed the provided instructions diligently, but unfortunately, the issue remains unresolved. Furthermore, I have come across several similar complaints from other users facing the same problem.

“I managed to activate the subscription. I just installed it on my phone, made the purchase, and logged into my computer.”

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That’s good news. Glad you figured it out. Thanks for the update.