Quantize / snap to beat


Any chance of a quantize option? Dropping cue points during a mix is hit and miss, having them snap to the nearest beat would be massively useful.

As would an option to jump to the cue point on the beat. Keeping a 4/4 beat is currently impossible with djay for iPad. Meta.DJ does this really well.


Things might have changed in the last 5 years since I posted this, but last time I checked dJay didn’t do this - if you’re in a mix tapping a cue point could/should (via an option, I guess) lock to the nearest quantise point. It definitely didn’t use to.

I want that too! It s just a must.

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Hi there,

djay will always automatically quantise dropping cue points when the track is running.

If it is paused the quantisation is turned off.

I agree!

Indeed, it doesn ́t work :frowning: