Quartz Lock - or whatever you would call it here and cross fader tolerance

Is there any way to turn the quartz lock off?

Also, the cross fader seems to have 3 positions. Left, right, middle. Can we change that somewhere to allow for different configurations?

Or can I just not find these things?

I’m using it with the Pioneer WeGo2. It’s a fun little machine, but the quartz lock is annoying (since I don’t synch) and I wouldn’t mind more fader control.


Hi Rob,

I’m afraid I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “quartz lock”. Can you please explain further?

djay for iOS has 2 crossfader curves/modes: Mid-linear and Cutting mode.
To toggle between the two modes, tap the gear icon and go to “MIDI”.
Crossfader Cutting Mode OFF = Mid-inear

Oh ok, thanks for clarifying. This can’t be turned off. However, you can maybe set the speed slider range to a lower level to give you a finer adjustment.

Ya sorry, I don’t know what else to call it. On the the technic 1200 when your pitch fader is in the center position, the little light comes on. This is the quartz lock.

DJs would often want this turned off, as it can mess with the pitch control.

On the Pioneer WeGo I’ll play with the pitch control but I find it often jumps to the middle position, even if there should be some more play in the pitch control before it reaches the ‘middle position’. It just kind of jumps .1 or .2 to get there. This is what I mean by ‘quartz lock’. When DJing on turntables, the pitch would ‘click’ into this position, even if the DJ was looking to ride the pitch a bit more.

I was wondering if there is an on/off for this central lock.

Thanks for the update about the fader curves.

That’s true. I have it on 510 now, but I guess I could put it to 8%,

Thanks for the suggestion!