Question before buying the Reloop Buddy


I wonder if the DJay still supports the Reloop Buddy this year. I would plan to buy this controller if yes.

Also, fix me if I am wrong, does the Reloop Buddy need USB-C to Lightning Cable? I use my 6th generation iPad for that and I want to make sure I don’t buy the wrong USB cable. :sweat_smile: Thanks

Hi @Geezeption, yes, the Reloop Buddy is still officially supported. Please see the attached article for all officially supported hardware for each OS.

The Buddy has a USB-A and USB-B socket. Although the A socket is designated as iOS and the B socket as PC, I have used both with my iPad and the appropriate USB cable and powered USB-C hub.

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Thank you. Yes, good to know about USB cable. And I am very excited that I recently bought this controller last weekend and unboxed it yesterday, and true it already has those USB cables in the box, it works great! I just couldn’t listen to audio using my headphones the first time after connecting my iPad to it, the controller was fine while testing the buttons. I could only listen to audio on my iPad speaker without using my headphones. I fixed the problem because I didn’t put my headphones on the controller, I put it on my iPad, haha, so that’s why.

I will continue to test the controller later again. Now I’m trying to know how to use Samplers, Effects, neural mix, etc, currently I don’t know where they are. Right now I am using EQ, Loops and Cue Points by default, so I’ve been trying to learn a little more.

Sorry for the late reply :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the follow up @Geezeption. Glad to hear you got it working.

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