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Hi all, recently purchased a smaller controller that is more portable. Beatpad 2. Coming from having a mixon 8 with Ipad pro, I’m finding that using the Ipad mini, the screen is kind of small. Today I realized that the DJ pro app is available for android. I have a Lenovo tablet that will fit perfect in the slot and the screen is bigger. However I don’t know much about the app on android. Is the functionality and reliability the same as on Ipad?

Another thing I’m wondering is, on android, is apple music available in the browse menu? I think that apple cloud file storage isn’t an option like on the IPad, so what about google drive?


Well I just did a search and figured out most of the answers, but still don’t know if apple music will work. I know it will work on Android itself, but not sure if it will work within the app. But I’ve discovered there is no pro mode for Android, so I’m out.


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Hello i just checked on my samsung tablet, it looks like I can sign in to apple music via the dj app. Tidal definitely works. Using the app on Apple devices is far superior as you have neural mix and more fx and the android version was only stable for 3hrs + when i used it on my tablet. After that it would get buggy and need reset. There have been numerous updates since so it could have improved. It is useable tho.

Thanks, I gave up as my android, only 2 years old wouldn’t download the app. Unsupported device. So I bought another Ipad, this time an Ipad air 2 as it’s the only thing that fits in the beatpad 2. I have an Ipad Mini 6th gen, but that’s too small and looks kind of whack in the controller.
I have an Ipad pro I got for the Mixon 8. Now if I just knew how to scratch, I’d be good :smiley:

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If you’re serious about learning how to scratch, I highly recommend the Scratching for Controller DJs course from Digital DJ Tips. Made a huge difference for me.

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Thanks Boss. I had planned to purchase a full course, but there’s so many out there, and 99% of them are for people that use analog equipment. I just put up another post about this very subject. There’s so much info out there, it’s mind boggling. I wish back in the late 80’s I did not have such a hatred for this style of music. I could only imagine how good I’d be by now. But that’s past thinking and I don’t want to go there. I was told this was pretty much the best course out there, but as I mentioned, it’s sort of specific to old school setup as far as the hardware.

DJ Qbert’s complete DO-IT-YOURSELF, Vol. 1 SkratchingDJ Qbert’s complete DO-IT-YOURSELF, Vol. 1 Skratching

And yes, I’m dead serious about this scratching. It eats at me 24/7 and it pains me to have to waste 8 hours a day at work when I could be doing something actually useful, like practicing scratching. It’s absolutely mind boggling the stuff people are doing and the fact I got in late at 53 pains me. But there I go again… Never too late to start I keep telling myself. I’m just eager to get good fast, but I know that’s not going to happen and it’s going to be months before I am able to make anything decent come out of the speakers or cans :smiley:

But I’m stoked to see that it’s still a big thing. I would have thought nobody was into this crap 30+ years later. I’m glad I got into this. I love challenges. Gives me something to keep my mind off of myself which is very good thing :slight_smile:

Sorry! Scratching For Controller DJs is currently full.

Enter your email address below to join the notification list and we’ll let you know if any places become available.

Hmm… so this is a live class sort of thing?

Check this one also. Cheaper than digital dj tips.*1b2b2gy*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE3MTA1NDIxMjYuRUFJYUlRb2JDaE1JemEtcl9hbjNoQU1WWm9ab0NSMGN0d1BWRUFBWUFTQUFFZ0xnMF9EX0J3RQ_gcl_auMTY0NTE2ODUxNC4xNzEwNTQyMTI2

You’re welcome @kfarrell70. It’s not a live class, but they do limit the number of students because they offer direct support for the videos in the course. Worth joining the wait list in my opinion, but yeah there’s no quick path to mastering scratching. Takes a methodical approach and practice, practice, practice…
Good luck!

DDJ Tips do sales on special occassions such as holidays throughout the year. They also do £1 access every so often so its worth signing up to the emails.

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Yep next sale will be Easter holidays

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We need a DjPro on our Android version. I’ve just brought the Samsung Galaxy S9 Ultra tab.
Love the Djay app.
We pay just the same as anyone else for a service. People say forget our app but that’s not far.
I have a Dj gig coming up and would love this. Plus, I use Windows when using my Controller Djj 600.
I don’t like any Mac or Apple.

The fact that the Android versions are lower than IOS is only due to the Algoridim team. I have a Lenovo TAB M10 3gen and I connect presonus, behringer audio interfaces without problems and without problems.
I understand in my opinion that there is a certain favoritism towards those from the apple due to the marketing that has generated in their “products being from wealthy people” if not look and compare djay for windows and macos… maybe windows can’t have everything what about mac in software???