Question on Pioneer DJM-S7 MIDI loop function

Hi, quick question for Algoriddim or existing S7 owners.

The MIDI Loop function that’s available only on this mixer looks pretty cool, allowing triggering of MIDI functions in time with the BPM and other factors.

Is that mapped in some way out of the box with DJay? Or is it MIDI mappable manually?

It seems like quite a complex series of MIDI instructions being sent and not sure if it would appear in the usual MIDI learn section of DJay if it’s not already pre-mapped by Algoriddim.

Any info or experience of it’s implimentation would be fab.

@actsofblindness I don’t have a DJM-S7 so I can’t speak about it directly. Here are my thoughts though:

  1. I’m pretty sure that no new MIDI commands were added to djay specifically for the S7 MIDI Loop.
  2. It’s possible that some advanced mapping has been done by Algoriddim within the XML to take advantage of this, but my gut feeling says no.
  3. However, all is not lost. There is a lesser know functionality within the MIDI Learn Tool that allows you to Duplicate a MIDI assignment so that you can map multiple controls to a single button, knob, encoder or fader. This is still a bit limited, because conditional modifiers are not currently supported, but it does allow for some more advanced MIDI mapping possibilities.

Yeah, I’ve currently got a few buttons mapped on my DDJ1000 that trigger multiple commands, such as backspin coupled with play/pause so that it starts/stops the deck after the backspin rather than letting the deck play on.

The big thing the S7 can do, is trigger MIDI commands in time with the BPM of the playing track, something that is, as far as I’m aware, impossible to set within the MIDI learn screen of DJay.

There also seems to be more complex triggers in a kind of sequencer affair, where it can fire off several different commands in a pattern, so much more complex than just having them attached to a button press etc.

This is just a small part of what the S7 can do for me and my workflow, so not a deal breaker in considering my purchase, was just curious.

Guess I’ll find out when I pick one up next week!

Good luck. Please share what you discover here. I’m quite curious myself.

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