Question on Workflow in DJay Pro as mobile DJ

Question on the workflow in DJay Pro:

I am using Djay Pro as a mobile DJ and would like to know how other DJs handle this:

Before a gig (i.e. a wedding) starts I prepare a separate playlist in itunes where I put the songs in that are needed for first dance etc.

If during the event there are requests from the quests for special songs that do not fit immediately into the cue (i.e. I am playing some electronic and dance and somebody comes up with a good request for a rock song).

My issue is that I have to do the same with Spotify - so I always have to monitor 2 lists with requests. One in itunes and one in Spotify.

How do other DJs handle this? What is your workflow? Is there any mobile DJ that uses DJay pro?


  1. selecting desired songs
  2. add to cue
  3. then Set automix to ON
  4. next start mix then slide mixer from deck to deck till all songs are marked as PLAYED.
  5. go to HISTORY, there you’ll find and can rename that practice run. You can always find playlist and add to cue.
    This method will have DJay remembering your sets, not iTunes or Spotify.

This workflow is ok for preparation - although I think creating a playlist in iTunes is easier.

My issue is to handle playlists DURING the gig when requests from the guests come up. Sometimes I do not have the requested song in my library so I have to take it from Spotify (what a great opportunity).

Usually I cannot play the song immediately because it has to fit in the workflow.
So I have to “park” the requested songs in a playlist before I can play them later in the night.

And here I have the issue that I have 2 playlists to monitor: One in itunes for all requests that can be done with songs out of my library and a second one in Spotify with all the requests that have to be played in Spotify cause they are not in my library.

If I had an opportunity to create a playlist in DJay Pro directly and putting anything in there (iTunes or Spotify OR songs on my USB stick etc.) this would be a great opportunity.