Queue button does not work on Reloop Beatpad 2

How do you know that nobody has sent them details? I has!

People please press “+1” button to let them know you have the same problem. This is the way this forum works.

I take it that they haven’t sorted this problem out as yet, so annoying

Taking da piss!!

After all the waiting , the shift+ queue still don’t work !!

I think you guys are taking the fucking piss!!! all this bleady update and you still can’t fix the dam queue button

Cheers mate but I can’t see why it’s so hard to fix shift queue.

What software is that mate

This issue was raised when the last update came out back in 2016, repeating myself again , I’m using DJAY Pro + iPad Air 2 + reloop beatpad 2

Here is a link where i mention the Shift+Queue


Anyone else have this issue?I can’t search individual playlist anymore, Spotify or Local. it looks like they have change it so you can only do a general search.

if yes, Please go to the link


Lukas asked for more information about which app you’re using (Djay Pro? Djay 2?), which device (Mac? iPad? iPhone? Android?) and which version of the OS you have.

None of you have provided that information.

How is that Lukas’s fault? What do you want him to do? Guess?

Hi Juri,

thank you for your post, could you please contact our support via support@algoriddim.com
and tell them which device and iOS you are using.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.
Lukas E.

Nope I’m afraid not

There not interested mate. Go onto djtechtools and see mapping’s for Beatpad 2. One there under my name :wink:

Simple they can’t be bothered. No payoff for them. The other software I now play, any issues it’s addressed so quickly. Check it as it’s free just to trial.

Go onto djtechtools and under mapping’s look for Beatpad 2 and my name :wink:


They arnt interested in sorting it

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