Queue used to prepare a set by saving and loading


One good thing would be to be able to save the queue and the load it later.
This make its possible to prepare at list of music in beforehand…

There’s a problem with that suggestion, however. I’d like to test melding a series of songs on Djay that I will segue one after the other during my set. I’d like to determine which songs will play in which order, and then save that list. You’re suggesting I determine the series of songs on Djay and then switch to iTunes to save them as a playlist – when it would be so much easier just to save that list on Djay and not have to bother with iTunes. Make it easier!

I think you misunderstand. I will do what you suggested to the first poster – namely, figure out which songs I want and in which order on Djay, and then save that list in that order in an iTunes playlist. What I am suggesting is that you folks at algoriddim figure out a way to save a list of songs on the DJay program, whether via the queue feature or in some other fashion, that is easy and simple. Sliding the fader back and forth so the program quickly cycles through the songs, closing the app, etc., etc., is neither easy nor simple. I await the next update to see if you’ve come up with a solution. Thanks.

My apologies. I hope you’re right about algoriddim taking suggestions seriously. I know that doesn’t mean they’ll do what I and others have suggested. But we’ll see if they think it’s important enough to devise a solution. Thanks!

Instead of starting with iTunes do this. You can get the current queue list to you liking via DJay. Then enable automix and flip the left right fader back and forth and it will cycle through all the songs rather quickly and put them in your current set. Close the app. Now this set is part of the history. Start the app, you can open this set and do a “CMD A” to select it all then drag it to queue.

Herbert, instead of saving different queues inside Djay what if you could export a set to an itunes or spotify playlist would that work for you?

There is an export to cvs, spotify or itunes playlist

Herbert I do not work for Algoriddim. I am a user just like you. I can tell you that they do take every suggestion seriously. It is a matter of what is most wanted. Even though ever idea I have isn’t implemented I know that it was considered. I think these guys are much more responsive to customer input than most. The method I outlined is not as clean as what you are suggesting but it will work and not take long at all. Once you got the songs into history you can export it as a playlist. I think it is a good workaround for now. Maybe others will like this idea to go directly form queue and vote for it.

Don’t get me wrong there are things that I have suggested that they did not do. If you get people to like ‘vote’ for your idea, that essentially means there is more demand. They will read everything. They will look at everything from how difficult it is to implement to how many people want it and does it fit their roadmap for where the product is going. I find it refreshing that the customer is even in the conversation. try doing that with Apple.

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You could work around this by preparing a playlist in iTunes and select the playlist via the Automix playlist option later on.

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