Queuing tracks during Automix not working iPad IOS 14.2

Djay PRO AI for iPad IOS, v3.5.12 / IPad Air 2, IOS 14.2

On djay 2, with Automix enabled on a local iPad playlist, you could browse to other tracks (local or on a streaming service like Spotify back in the day) and add them to the queue. Then djay 2 would automatically select the first track in the queue at the next auto deck load and continue to play all the remaining tracks in the queue until empty – at which point djay would revert to playing the next track from the Automix playlist. Overall a really slick user experience.

However, in djay PRO AI, this isn’t working in a number of aspects:

  1. Tracks added to the queue just sit there and never get played, unless you manually select the first one to load a deck
  2. the queued tracks ARE then played in sequence, BUT
  3. once the last queued track is loaded on the first available deck, the queue doesn’t empty and the that same last track is again loaded to the next available deck so you are stuck in an infinite loop where the Automix plays the same track over and over
  4. From the dropdown under Automix, it still shows “Current Playlist (queue)” as the only option, so you have no choice but to stop the Automix, select a new track from the playlist, and restart it again

I’ve tried this with:

  • Tidal tracks and local iPad tracks in the queue
  • Just local iPad tracks in the queue
  • Classic and modern 2-deck UI
    and the behaviour is the same

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