Quick access to cue point options

I would like to have quick access to all set cue points. The GUI is not really an option because it is not precise. The keyboard only maps three of the eight allowed. Is there a way to map the others to my keyboard? Midi mapping is only for controllers not user defined key sequences.

What controllers allow this. I think the reloop beatpad 2 will let me have all eight on external buttons. Does anyone know of other controllers and or how to map other hot cues to my keyboard?

Reloop neon appears to have eight big buttons that I guess I could map. Can I continue to still use my existing controller also? This would in essence give me more buttons. But by itself is too limited. Another thought is if there was a way to have user defined computer keyboard mappings. I guess that would have to be an enhancement request.

I use a reloop neon … It need remapping but its quite a cheap and neat solution …https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings…

It has 8 big buttons but also on the side buttons to select decks 1-4 and on the top buttons to select 8 different functions.

It works fine with other controlllers … Limit is only the number of available USB ports on your Mac … I use mine as supplementary controller for my Beatpad.

Mapping is easy … I’ve mapped mine for all 4 decks with basic transport and library controls and with the 8 pads I can acess all 8 cue points plus 8 slicer, 8 FX, 8 Loops, sampler and even the hidden hotloops that are available with DJay Pro.

It even works when i plug it into my ipad which is nice if i want a really small set up.

I didnt try it but you can use two Neons in parallel and get even more control.