"Radio" Transition Style Request

LOVE the app. The best DJ app. EVER. You should be proud of your work.

One feature request. Would really like a simple transition (I call it “Radio”) where, in Automix Mode, the new song starts at 100% volume and then the old song fades out. Currently, in standard transitions, the beginning of each song gets clipped until it fades up enough to be heard. This isn’t good if the new song has a kicking riff at the beginning. Is this easily done?

EXACTLY… That is what I am looking for as well. Basically, iTunes preferences/Playback/Crossfade does it perfectly. (which I don’t understand why Apple drops that “user experience” in my iPhone music player?)

If you are crossfading from one song into Phil Collins - Abbacab… you get the punch of intensity at the beginning of Abbacab in an iTunes crossfade. But other apps that execute a standard fade…they fade each song equally,… which means you lose the punch at the beginning of a song. I would like an option to fade out song #1 and start song#2 at full volume. Volume directs the listener’s audio focus in this context. It moves the listener’s attention from background to foreground.

I can’t seem to find this simple automated crossfade ability in any of the DJ apps I have tried.

I have just started reading up on this app. Where do I find the controls for setting automated crossfade?

Would love to see this feature added. Simply start the next track with the cross fader at mid-position, then fade the previous track for the designated fade duration time.