Rainbow wheel in Djay for Macbook pro 2021 MacOSMontery 12.5

I have officially deleted DJay from my Mac. I have tried everything from updating my new MB pro to deleting and reinstalling Djay pro and it still won’t operate.

I have purchased Traktor pro as apparently it’s more reliable.

I am bummed as DJay has been so great for me in the past 15 years.

If anyone has any recommendations of why this is happening, I’d be grateful!

I do have to say that traktor is very good and reliable, but I love the simplicity of DJay pro.

Well, it’s not simple anymore, since its unreliable now.

I Djayed a gig and and the height of the dance Djay froze up!

Hi @JenB,

We appreciate you coming back to share this update with us and we are sorry to hear about the issue you’ve encountered. So we can take a closer look, could you please tell us the following:

  1. Do you have any other apps running in the background (Web browser, music player, etc) while you are using djay?

  2. Do you have any resource-intensive background tasks running (VPN, miscellaneous widgets) while you are using djay?

  3. Which version of djay are you using?

  4. Can you reproduce this spinning wheel/hanging issue while using djay and if so what are the steps to do so?

Thank you in advance for your additional information and have a great day!